Science Project: The plants I: Parts of the plants

Plants are living beings.

Plants make their own food.

Plants have got different parts. Look at the picture.

Leaves (leaf, s.): produce food through photosynthesis

Stem: provides support for the plant.

Roots: spread out and search for water.

Listen to the video…pay attention to the explanations…

PROJECT TIME! We´re planting seeds.

In this part, we´re going to plant a seed in order to watch its growing.

1st STEP: you need:

  1. a) Lentils or beans (seeds).
  2. b) C
  3. c) Plastic glass.
  4. d) Water.
  5. e) After a few days you´ll need so

1st STEP: put a wet cotton inside the glass. Put the seeds on the cotton and wait  for a few days.





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